/tools (66)
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/tools/ant/example/war compile and make a war
/tools/ant/exmple/jar package java classes into a jar file
/tools/ant/java_compile_run compile and run a simple java console project
/tools/ant/property/import_env ant import environment variables
/tools/antlr/add_java_code add java codes in grammar - import, fields and methods
/tools/antlr/gated_semantic_predicate gated semantic predicate
/tools/antlr/implement/parser java implementation of parser rules
/tools/antlr/implement/tree_operator tree construction operators
/tools/antlr/lexer/any_character match any character - dot
/tools/antlr/lexer/common common lexer tokens
/tools/antlr/lexer/rules lexer rules
/tools/antlr/lexer/tokens lexer only
/tools/antlr/rule/nested nested (recursive) structure
/tools/antlr/rule/nested_block nested code blocks
/tools/antlr/rule/return return value from rules
/tools/antlr/rule/return_multiple return multiple values from a rule
/tools/antlr/rule/scope dynamic scope, rule-qualified variable
/tools/antlr/semantic_predicate validating semantic predicates
/tools/antlr/simple simple expression grammar
/tools/antlr/token_event token events. rule start, rule end, sub rule sequence
/tools/antlr/tree/argv tree of a function and its argments
/tools/antlr/tree/create_node create node by target language runtime
/tools/antlr/tree/declare_contract declare multiple variable in one statment
/tools/antlr/tree/duplicate duplicate token by rewrite
/tools/antlr/tree/imaginary_node imaginary nodes
/tools/antlr/tree/javaclass the tree of a simplied java class definition
/tools/antlr/tree/label_rewrite token and rule labels to be used in rewrite
/tools/antlr/tree/omit omit some tokens by rewrite
/tools/antlr/tree/reorder reorde tokens by rewrite
/tools/antlr/tree/rewrite_root root rewrite
/tools/antlr/tree/runtime_selection runtime selection of tree structure
/tools/antlr/tree/transform tree grammar to transform one tree to another
/tools/antrl/rule/list repetion, undetermined length of list
/tools/eclipe/linenumber show line number of source code
/tools/eclipse/import eclipse import an existing project into the current workspace
/tools/esclipe/project/webapp create a web applicatiion project, add servlet , run and debug servlet jsp
/tools/freemarker/custom/simple_usage simple wrapper to simplify the usage of freemarker
/tools/freemarker/datatype/null conditional display if a value is defined and initialized
/tools/freemarker/intro/bean user java object (bean) in the freemarker template
/tools/freemarker/intro/hello a hello world example of using freemarker java template engine
/tools/freemarker/intro/if conditional statement in freemarker template: if elseif else
/tools/freemarker/intro/loop loop statement in the freemarker template - list
/tools/freemarker/intro/method call java object methods in freemarker template
/tools/gcc/preprocessor/options gcc preprocessor options
/tools/graphviz/custom_shape use postscript procedure to define a resizable node shape to be used in graphviz
/tools/graphviz/default set default shapes and edges
/tools/graphviz/edges set edge (connection) styles
/tools/graphviz/hello from dot file to image file
/tools/graphviz/image_shape use external image as node shape
/tools/graphviz/shapes some of build-in shapes for node
/tools/imagemagick/identify get image file size
/tools/javacc/hello a simple get-started javacc example
/tools/javacc/implement/rule java codes generated from grammar rules
/tools/javacc/lexer/example common lexer grammar
/tools/jetty/deploy deploy a web application in jetty outside the default webapps/ directory
/tools/maven/command/goals display all goals of a plugin
/tools/maven/command/version show version of installed maven
/tools/maven/config/repository maven repository location
/tools/maven/dependency_copy copy all dependency jar files to target/dependency directory
/tools/maven/projects/web create and update a web project
/tools/vim/command execute external command such as compile the current file
/tools/vim/spell spell check
/tools/vim/startup startup file vmrc