split list into sublist /perl/list/sublist

perl thread's blocking queue - dequeue blocking and enqueue is not /perl/thread/queue

get thread id /perl/thread/tid

package java classes into a jar file /tools/ant/exmple/jar

define perl variable (scalar, array or hash) that can be accessed or modified by different threads /perl/thread/shared

call java object methods in freemarker template /tools/freemarker/intro/method

simple wrapper to simplify the usage of freemarker /tools/freemarker/custom/simple_usage

conditional display if a value is defined and initialized /tools/freemarker/datatype/null

user java object (bean) in the freemarker template /tools/freemarker/intro/bean

loop statement in the freemarker template - list /tools/freemarker/intro/loop

conditional statement in freemarker template: if elseif else /tools/freemarker/intro/if

a hello world example of using freemarker java template engine /tools/freemarker/intro/hello

set unix system time /unix/command/date


use perl to connect to MongoDB /mongodb/perl/getstarted

mongodb javascript shell /mongodb/command/mongo

start mongo db server /mongodb/command/mongod

typed newInstance - construct a strong type object from a class /java/generics/method/newInstance

display and kill windows process /windows/process/kill

use list of list in nested forEach loop /java/web/jstl/list_of_list

use list of object in forEach loop construction /java/web/jstl/list_of_object

web application initialization using ServletContextListener /java/servlet/context_listener

deploy a web application in jetty outside the default webapps/ directory /tools/jetty/deploy

command line remote desktop connection /windows/command/mstsc

copy all dependency jar files to target/dependency directory /tools/maven/dependency_copy


insert a blank key frame /flash/ide/f7

refer an object in the display list tree /flash/ide/path

highlight and F1 /flash/ide/help

run the test Ctrl-Enter /flash/ide/test

target an old flash player version /flash/ide/target_version

F9 open action panel /flash/ide/f9

actionscript data types mapping to java objects /actionscript/amf/tojava

parse string to generical JSON object /gwt/server/json

make http request to get text data, such as json, xml, csv formats /gwt/server/httpclient

gwt rpc simple example /gwt/server/rpc

primitive data type from javascript to java /gwt/input/primitive

get input through gwt dom api /gwt/dom/input

set up gwt project with the command line tools /gwt/setup/command

paging /html/list/paging

given an array of html elements, display only one and paging through each /javascript/dom/paging

replace a block of html (innerHTML) dynamically, paiging through /javascript/dom/replace

operator precedence, associativity /lang/operator/comparison

change a html element's classname dynamically /javascript/style/classname

use onmouseover and onmouseout to display instant tooltip of html element /javascript/event/onmouseover

if statement /fortran/control/if

arithmetic and logical operator in fortran /fortran/intro/operator

primitive type literal /fortran/intro/type_literal

variable and primitive types /fortran/intro/variable

first fortran program /fortran/intro/hello

schedule a recurring job with schtasks.exe /windows/schedule/create

html combo box select onchange event and display selected value /javascript/form/event/onchange

create multiple threads, run jobs concurrently. /perl/thread/thread

schtask.exe list the scheduled tasks /windows/schedule/query

common lexer grammar /tools/javacc/lexer/example

java codes generated from grammar rules /tools/javacc/implement/rule

a simple get-started javacc example /tools/javacc/hello

tree construction operators /tools/antlr/implement/tree_operator

java implementation of parser rules /tools/antlr/implement/parser

get the last day of the previous month /teradata/datetime/last_day_previous_month

specify teradata date literal /teradata/datetime/date_literal

tree grammar to transform one tree to another /tools/antlr/tree/transform

dynamic scope, rule-qualified variable /tools/antlr/rule/scope

return multiple values from a rule /tools/antlr/rule/return_multiple

return value from rules /tools/antlr/rule/return

the tree of a simplied java class definition /tools/antlr/tree/javaclass

create node by target language runtime /tools/antlr/tree/create_node

token and rule labels to be used in rewrite /tools/antlr/tree/label_rewrite

runtime selection of tree structure /tools/antlr/tree/runtime_selection

tree of a function and its argments /tools/antlr/tree/argv

declare multiple variable in one statment /tools/antlr/tree/declare_contract

set the current working directory /java/file/currentdir

provider send jobs through blocking queue - shutdown the queue gracefully through poison objects /java/thread/queue/provider_consumer

imaginary nodes /tools/antlr/tree/imaginary_node

root rewrite /tools/antlr/tree/rewrite_root

reorde tokens by rewrite /tools/antlr/tree/reorder

omit some tokens by rewrite /tools/antlr/tree/omit

duplicate token by rewrite /tools/antlr/tree/duplicate

gated semantic predicate /tools/antlr/gated_semantic_predicate

validating semantic predicates /tools/antlr/semantic_predicate

common lexer tokens /tools/antlr/lexer/common

set default shapes and edges /tools/graphviz/default

deterministic finite automaton /compiler/regexp/dfa

greek alphabet and its common use in math /math/symbol/greek

ambiguous grammars resolving in LR parsing /compiler/lr/dangling_else

left factoring to convert LL(k) to LL(1) /compiler/ll/left_factoring

left recursion elimination so LL(1) can handle /compiler/ll/left_recursion

compiler terminology /compiler/term/index

use doclet to extract class, field, method information from java source code /java/doclet/extract

a simple example to use custom doclet to extract information from java source code /java/doclet/hello

a simple example of coordination between the provider and the sonsumer /java/thread/queue/synchronousqueue3test

basic syntax of using SynchronousQueue -blocking take and put methods /java/thread/queue/synchronousqueue_blocking

exechange data between two threads by a blocking handshake /java/thread/queue/exchanger1test

use CopyOnWriteArrayList to do current modification of a list iterator by multiple threads /java/thread/collection/copyonwritearraylist2test

a simple example to demonstrator the issue of current modification of the iterator of a simple regular list /java/thread/collection/copyonwritearraylist1test

using volatile when creating a Singleton class /java/thread/volatilesingleton

declare a variable volatile to provide an immediate available memory model /java/thread/volatilelong

a simple example to demonstrate the issue when multiple threads write using unsynchronized method /java/thread/unsynchronizedmethod

create a thread class by extend Thead, and run thead by calling start method /java/thread/threadext

synchronize a block of statement /java/thread/synchronizedstatement