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/perl/array/sort/file_modify_time sort file by file modification time
/perl/class/object/inheritance perl object inheritance, methods overriding by derived class
/perl/class/object/standalone a simple perl object, no inheritance
/perl/class/package/standalone a simple standalone perl package, no functions are exported
/perl/collection/map perl associate array or hashtable
/perl/collection/map/delete delete an elment of assocaite array
/perl/console/getopt parse command line options
/perl/cryptography/digest/hmac-sha1 perl SHA HMAC message digestion digital signature
/perl/database/odbc/simple simple example to access database using ODBC api
/perl/file/absolute_path perl get absolute fie or directory path from relative path
/perl/file/basename get a base file name from a file path
/perl/file/dir_basename a portable way to construct the filename from its directory and basename
/perl/file/dirname the dir name of a filename
/perl/file/mkpath make all ancest dir for a file
/perl/file/parent get the parent directory of a file or directory
/perl/file/tranverse traverse each file under a directory tree
/perl/httpclient/get download web page with url with its query string
/perl/httpclient/get/encode encode url path and parameter name and value
/perl/httpclient/get/proxy use perl to download a web page outside the corporate firewall
/perl/httpclient/get/simple use perl to download a web page
/perl/httpclient/post post a binary file to a web server, also add headers
/perl/io/binmode read and write binary file
/perl/list/sublist split list into sublist
/perl/net/is_in_Intranet use perl script to test if the computer is inside corporate intranet
/perl/string/chomp perl - chomp
/perl/string/chop perl - chop -
/perl/string/chr chr - from ascii code to character
/perl/string/here two here-documents together
/perl/string/match/mixed-pattern extract multiple mixed patterns -perl lexer
/perl/string/match/multiple-times a string match pattern in multiple occurrences
/perl/string/quote perl many ways of quotes
/perl/string/replace/function-multiple replace multiple locations of string with function call back
/perl/string/replace/funtion1 replace with call back function
/perl/string/replace/split use replacement to split string and keep delimiters
/perl/string/replace/substring lite string substitution without using pattern, case sensitive or not sensitive
/perl/string/replace/xml-unnested match unnested xml elements
/perl/string/replace_noregex simple string replacement without regex expression
/perl/thread/queue perl thread's blocking queue - dequeue blocking and enqueue is not
/perl/thread/shared define perl variable (scalar, array or hash) that can be accessed or modified by different threads
/perl/thread/thread create multiple threads, run jobs concurrently.
/perl/thread/tid get thread id
/perl/web/url-encode perl url encode decode
/perl/xml/sax-parser perl parse xml using SAX api