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/java/applet/webstart java webstart example
/java/awt/draw draw shape and text on canvas
/java/awt/draw_save draw text and shape on canvas and save as image
/java/awt/generate_image generate image from a console application
/java/awt/hello a hello world awt application example
/java/bytecode/asm/Hello generate a simple Hello World class file
/java/bytecode/asm/array array operation
/java/bytecode/asm/array_put create an array of object and set item value
/java/bytecode/asm/copy_class read class file and write out into another file
/java/bytecode/asm/field get and set field value
/java/bytecode/asm/invoke invoke method and instantiate class
/java/bytecode/asm/methodvisitor generate instruction with methodvisitor
/java/bytecode/asm/object_init object construction and initialization
/java/bytecode/asm/printlocal print local variable
/java/bytecode/asm/printstack print the values on the operand stack
/java/bytecode/asm/tree_transform ASM tree api-read class file, transform, then write the changed class file
/java/bytecode/instruction/stack stack instructions
/java/bytecode/instructions jvm bytecode instruction set
/java/bytecode/instrument run-time bytecode instrumentation
/java/collection/list/iterator separate two iterator from a single list
/java/collection/list/reverse_iterator reverse iteration through a list
/java/collection/map/iteration Iteration each key value through a Java Map
/java/collection/sort/map sort key set of map according its values
/java/collection/sort/string-array sort array of string, reverse order using Comparator
/java/collection/sort/string-list simple sorting of list of string, ascending or descending
/java/convert/int2hex convert integer to hex string
/java/cryptography/digest/hmac-sha1 calculate the message signature based on secret key
/java/database/jdbc/batch_call call multiple store procedures in one transitional execution
/java/database/jdbc/batch_update update a batch of sql statement (insert, update and delete) in one jdbc request
/java/database/jdbc/delete delete rows with jdbc
/java/database/jdbc/hello_teradata a hello world example to connect teradata through jdbc
/java/database/jdbc/teradata_datasource set up teradata jdbc PoolDataSource
/java/database/jdbc/teradata_minipool use MiniConnectionPoolManager to manage teradata jdbc connection pool
/java/database/sql/combine_small_queries combine multiple small queries into one single query
/java/date/display toString, display format
/java/date/iterate_date loop through each date of a year
/java/doclet/extract use doclet to extract class, field, method information from java source code
/java/doclet/hello a simple example to use custom doclet to extract information from java source code
/java/file/currentdir set the current working directory
/java/file/extension get file extension from file path, relative or absolute
/java/file/traverse recursively traverse a directory tree and list all files
/java/generics/class/simple java class generic simple example
/java/generics/method/newInstance typed newInstance - construct a strong type object from a class
/java/howto/unicode-escape convert native non-ascii characters to unicode escape, can be used in java properties file
/java/io/bionary/byte read and write byte
/java/io/flush a very simple servlet file logger -flush Filewriter so all output can be seen after that
/java/io/input_to_output copy inputstream to outputstream
/java/io/properties/stream load properties from classpath
/java/io/read-file-from-classpath read file from java classpath
/java/io/read-text read text file
/java/io/stream2byte InputStream to byte array
/java/io/summary usage of Java io
/java/jflex/simple/standalone define variables and expand its variables
/java/jflex/strip_comments remove comments from java source code
/java/jflex/tokens tokenizing
/java/jsp/custom/hello jsp custom tag implementation
/java/jsp/custom/useBean jsp custom example, useBean
/java/net/url/relative2absolute get the absolute url from relative url, relative to the base url
/java/reflection/array_dimesion find out dimesion of array object
/java/reflection/invoke/method-with-arguments invoke a method that take arguments and return a value
/java/reflection/invoke/method-with-object-arguments invoke method that take regular object as argument
/java/reflection/invoke/simple-instance invoke a simple instance method dynamically
/java/reflection/invoke/static-method invoke static method dynamically with reflection
/java/reflection/modifiers modifier of class fields and methods
/java/regex/alternative_patterns match one of several alternative patterns
/java/regex/eachline_match match again the begining of each line
/java/regex/match_multiple_instances match all occurences of pattern
/java/regex/match_replace match a pattern in multiplace locations and get replaced through a callback function
/java/serialization/all_fields get values of all fields of an object and its superclass and up
/java/serialization/array read array elements
/java/serialization/private access private field
/java/serialization/xml/dump dump java bean object to an xml file
/java/serlvet/raw_post a servlet that receive raw post data and save to a file
/java/servlet/context_listener web application initialization using ServletContextListener
/java/servlet/forward internal forward -handle a request by multiple servlets
/java/servlet/redirect redirect to external url through location header
/java/servlet/tomcat_mapping tomcat servlet url mapping in web.xml
/java/servlet/tomcat_mapping_path_extension servlet url patterson -- path prefix match take precedance over extension math
/java/string/escape escape special characters in java string
/java/string/escape_xml escape special character in xml to produce a well-format xml
/java/string/printf c-like printf in java
/java/string/replace convert one string to another with regex pattern
/java/string/split split a string into array of word
/java/string/trim-ending-characters remove some ending character from string
/java/syntax/class/init_sequence java object initialization sequence
/java/syntax/class/localinner local inner class or local anonymous class
/java/syntax/class/nested static or non-static nested class
/java/syntax/class/object_id get java object id -- heuristically unique
/java/syntax/switch switch statement fall through
/java/syntax/vararg a function that take variable number of argument
/java/textformat/csv/reader read excel style cvs file
/java/textformat/csv/writer write data into excel style csv file
/java/thread/arrayblockingqueuetest a blocking queue that block when try to put an object beyond the queue's capacity
/java/thread/atomiccounter counter read/write by multiple threads
/java/thread/collection/copyonwritearraylist1test a simple example to demonstrator the issue of current modification of the iterator of a simple regular list
/java/thread/collection/copyonwritearraylist2test use CopyOnWriteArrayList to do current modification of a list iterator by multiple threads
/java/thread/countdownlatch1test CountDownLatch await block till enough countDown called
/java/thread/countdownlatchtest map-reduce tasks using CountDownLatch
/java/thread/counter generate a unique id in JVM instance using AtomicLong
/java/thread/cyclicbarrier2test a simple example to use CyclicBarrier
/java/thread/cyclicbarrier_await basic method to use CyclicBarrier - await
/java/thread/deadlock a simple example with a potential dead
/java/thread/executiveservice use a thread pool implemented with ExecutiveService
/java/thread/executortest create thread and run task using Executor interface
/java/thread/futuretask use FutureTask to run a task in a new thread, and return results and capture exception
/java/thread/interrupt send and handle interrupt signal among threads
/java/thread/interrupted Thread.interrupted() clear the interrupted flag
/java/thread/join join ask all children threads to finish their jobs and join the current thread
/java/thread/queue/exchanger1test exechange data between two threads by a blocking handshake
/java/thread/queue/provider_consumer provider send jobs through blocking queue - shutdown the queue gracefully through poison objects
/java/thread/queue/synchronousqueue3test a simple example of coordination between the provider and the sonsumer
/java/thread/queue/synchronousqueue_blocking basic syntax of using SynchronousQueue -blocking take and put methods
/java/thread/reentrant the same thread can grap the lock that was holded by the same thread
/java/thread/runnableimp create a thread java class by implements Runnable interface
/java/thread/scheduledexecutorservice_delay delay execution of task in separate thread
/java/thread/scheduledexecutorservice_periodic schedule a task to run periodically through a thread pool
/java/thread/semaphoretest a simple semaphore example of using its aquire and release methods - exclusively use a resource
/java/thread/sharedvalue a simple example to demonstrate the issue of shared value that is modified by multiple thread
/java/thread/sharedvalue_usethreadlocal a simple example to use ThreadLocal to have its own copy of shared variable in the thread
/java/thread/sleep suspect the current thread execution without consume cpu
/java/thread/static static field, each thread has its own value
/java/thread/staticthread lock on static class method
/java/thread/synchronizedmethod synchronize on an instance method
/java/thread/synchronizedmethod2 synchronize two instance methods
/java/thread/synchronizedstatement synchronize a block of statement
/java/thread/threadext create a thread class by extend Thead, and run thead by calling start method
/java/thread/threadlocal shared threadlocal variable
/java/thread/unsynchronizedmethod a simple example to demonstrate the issue when multiple threads write using unsynchronized method
/java/thread/volatilelong declare a variable volatile to provide an immediate available memory model
/java/thread/volatilesingleton using volatile when creating a Singleton class
/java/urlconnection/proxy2outside download a page inside a corporate network through proxy
/java/urlconnection/response-headers get http response headers
/java/urlconnection/simple-get download html from a web link
/java/web/jstl/collection-loop data type used for loop in jstl
/java/web/jstl/fixed-loop JavaServer Page Standard Library - simple iteration
/java/web/jstl/list_of_list use list of list in nested forEach loop
/java/web/jstl/list_of_object use list of object in forEach loop construction
/java/xml/dom/simple parse xml into dom
/java/xml/dom/write write java data to xml string using dom api
/java/xml/dom_creation create xml document by using dom api
/java/xml/dom_schemavalidator parse xml using DOM api validated by xml schema
/java/xml/domreader parse xml with dom api
/java/xml/jaxb/hello jaxb map schema to java class
/java/xml/jaxb/manual annotate java class manually to map between xml and object
/java/xml/sax parse xml stream using JAXP SAX api
/java/xml/sax/simple parse xml document with sax api
/java/xml/xpath-program a simple java program that test xpath
/java/xml/xsltransform xslt transformation using jdk SAXP api
/java/xml/xsltransform_precompile xsl transformation with precompiled stylesheet