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deterministic finite automaton

five-tuple definition

A=(Q, Sigma, delta, q0, F)

Q -- a finite set of states
Sigma -- a finite set of input symbols
delta -- transition function 
q0 -- start state
F -- a set of accepting states

example -- quoted string with escape

input: ", \, c(any other character)
Start -- see the beginning "
End -- see the end " -- Accept state
Body -- In the middle of string
Escape -- See the escape \, expect the "

transition diagram

State Input " Escape \ Any Other Character
Start End Escape Body
Body End Escape Body
Escape Body Body error

Transition diagram

Start                           (")-->End
Start (c)-->               Body (")-->End
Start (\)--> Escape (") -->Body
             Escape (\) -->Body
             Escape <--(\) Body
             Body   (c)--> Body 

Transition diagram