/cognos (36)
Page Path Title
/cognos/report/component_reference create a simple resuable component and reference it in other part
/cognos/report/create/auto_prompt_creation create a simple promp page based on a column selection from the report
/cognos/report/create/implicit_prompt when a parameter is defined in the query filter and no prompt page is constructed, then cognos provides an implicit prompt
/cognos/report/create/simple_report create a simple cognos report with one listbox
/cognos/report/date/current cognos functions that produce current date and time
/cognos/report/date/current_year query provide the current year
/cognos/report/date/functions cognos date time functions examples
/cognos/report/expression/editor cognos report expression editor
/cognos/report/format/number format number display with pattern
/cognos/report/parameter_type cognos filtered query that define prompt parameter information
/cognos/report/prompt/macro cognos prompt macro in report filter
/cognos/report/prompt/parameter_display display prompt parameter in report
/cognos/report/query/native-sql create a cognos query based on native sql select
/cognos/report/query/prompt-year list box with current year, last year and the year before last year
/cognos/report/ui/date-prompt date prompt ui component
/cognos/report/ui/drop_down cognos prompt drop down list
/cognos/report/ui/radio radio button to select a value
/cognos/report/ui/text-box cognos prompt text box, enter a single text value or multiple values
/cognos/report/url/prompt_value a direct url link that also provide the parameter values in replace of prompt
/cognos/report/url/prompt_value_v8.2 construct url to run report by bypassing prompt
/cognos/report/url/simple_run the url to execute and run a simple report (no prompt)
/cognos/report/url/simple_run_v8.2 use a custom form to run a live cognos 8.2 report