/javascript (59)
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/javascript/array/simple a simple 1d array without nesting
/javascript/array/slice get subarray
/javascript/array/sort sort array ascending/descending, numerical or alphabetical
/javascript/array/splice insert , remove or replace one or more array elements
/javascript/class/constructor the same function can be used as static, or as constructor, or as a method
/javascript/class/objectid unique object id
/javascript/class/prototype/build-in-class/Object built-in prototype
/javascript/class/prototype/point prototype is for read only. write create create own copy
/javascript/class/prototype/toString convert object to string, custom way to print object
/javascript/class/prototype/valueOf convert object to number, provide a numeric representation of object
/javascript/control/div/hide-show show or hide an element from display and layout
/javascript/control/identical javascript objects are not born equal
/javascript/control/select/select-all use javascript to select all html select options or deselect all
/javascript/control/test equality == and ===
/javascript/cookie/parse parse and extract individual cookie value from document.cookie
/javascript/cookie/session document.cookie, create and update a cookie
/javascript/datatype/2boolean convert to boolean
/javascript/datatype/number2string convert number to string or format number for display
/javascript/datatype/primitive primitive data type and constants
/javascript/datatype/string2number convert string to number or parse string to number
/javascript/dom/create create html content with dom api
/javascript/dom/paging given an array of html elements, display only one and paging through each
/javascript/dom/replace replace a block of html (innerHTML) dynamically, paiging through
/javascript/dom/textnode/update update text dynamically without refreshing the page
/javascript/event/onmouseover use onmouseover and onmouseout to display instant tooltip of html element
/javascript/event/register register event
/javascript/execution/order execution sequence -- use functions which are defined later
/javascript/form/event/onchange html combo box select onchange event and display selected value
/javascript/form/read-query-string use javascript to read url and query string
/javascript/form/upload/display display upload file info
/javascript/framework/backbone/change-event monitor model data change
/javascript/framework/backbone/event define a custom event, and fire and handle event
/javascript/framework/backbone/validate validate data
/javascript/framework/jquery/get_data get data from server
/javascript/framework/jquery/get_fill get html fragment from server and fill up an element
/javascript/framework/jquery/jsonp get cross-domain data without jquery
/javascript/framework/jquery/usage the entry points to use jquery, $ is overloaded
/javascript/framework/underscore/array underscore array operations
/javascript/framework/underscore/collection/foreach iterate through array elements or object properties
/javascript/info/version display the version of javascript the current browser uses
/javascript/jquery/ui/datepicker jquery datepicker, custom format, icon trigger
/javascript/language/try_catch try catch finally or throw catch
/javascript/map/object use Object as a simple map or associated array
/javascript/map/sort sort associated array
/javascript/object/this javascript 'this', not where it define, but what context it is executed
/javascript/regex/match_extract regular expression match and extract string parts
/javascript/regex/match_multiple_instances extract all instances of matched pattern
/javascript/string/methods commonly used string properties and methods
/javascript/string/operators string operators
/javascript/style/classname change a html element's classname dynamically
/javascript/variable/existence test the status of a variable. not declared, declared, not initialized, initialized, null
/javascript/variable/redeclare re-declare does not clear a variable
/javascript/variable/scope scope of variable, global or local